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External Video Editing Hard Drives

On location

G-Raid Mini

Up to 2TB eSATA | FW800 | USB 2.0

The ultimate portable bus powered,
dual-drive storage system.

Buy now RRP £199.99
incl VAT (20%)
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Macworld Four Mice
G-Raid Mini

More location drive options

G-Drive Slim

Up to 500GB
USB 2.0 G-Drive Slim Learn more

G-Drive Mini

Up to 1TB
FW800 | USB 2.0 G-Drive Mini Learn more

Compressed HD post production

G-Speed Q

Up to 16TB eSATA | FW800 | USB 2.0

4x hot-swappable RAID storage solution with unprecedented
low cost per gigabyte for in the edit suite or on location.

Buy now RRP £624.99
incl VAT (20%)
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Electronista Four Star
G-Speed Q

More compressed HD post production options


Up to 8TB
eSATA | FW800 | USB 2.0 G-Raid Learn more


Up to 3TB Mirrored
eSATA | FW800 | USB 2.0 G-Safe Learn more

Uncompressed HD post production

G-Raid Thunderbolt

Up to 8TB (Daisy Chain up to 6 Devices) 2x Thunderbolt

Double the data transfer rates of USB 3.0 and
12 times faster than Firewire 800.

Buy now RRP £544.99 incl VAT (20%)
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G-Speed Q

More uncompressed HD post production options

G-Speed eS

Up to 16TB
eSATA G-Safe Learn more

G-Speed eS PRO

Up to 16TB
mini SAS G-Speed eS PRO Learn more