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General Storage Hard Drives

Portable bus-powered hard drives

G-Drive Slim

Up to 500GB UBS 2.0

The ultimate ultra-slim USB external hard drive for your Apple MacBook Air®. Portability has never looked so good!

Buy now RRP £79.99 incl VAT (20%)
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G-Drive Slim

More portable drive options

G-Drive Mobile USB

Up to 1TB
USB 2.0 G Drive Mobile USB Learn more

G-Drive Mobile

Up to 1TB
FW800 | USB 2.0 G-Drive Mobile Learn more

High capacity storage


Up to 4TB eSATA | FW800 | UBS 2.0

The perfect high-performance solution for audio/video editing, digital photography, MP3 libraries and high-speed data backup.

Buy now RRP £189.99 incl VAT (20%)
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More high capacity storage drive options

G-Raid Thunderbolt

Up to 8TB
2 x Thunderbolt G-Raid with Thunderbolt Learn more

G-Speed Q

Up to 16TB
eSATA | FW800 | USB 2.0 G-Speed Q Learn more