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Steve Wilson is an expert in 3D modeling, CGI animation, visual effects and composition.

"Imagine getting to the top of a mountain and being told to start from the bottom again. That's how it would feel if I lost my 3D work."

Animated about creativity

3D animation is perhaps the most detailed, time-consuming creative work - creating a 'real' computer-generated world. Steve Wilson is an experienced artist in this area; working on a wide range of innovative projects for clients including Qantas, Honda (in collaboration with Collective London) and Fuji.

His skills have been applied to a range of projects; from a walk-through of the world's largest commercial aircraft (shown on the UK's largest cinema screen, the I-Max theatre in London) to the creation of an animated rotating car used on the Honda website for the launch of their new Accord.

Steve works on a 2.9ghz - i7920 pc with 12gb of ram in 3D studio max 2010 and vray1.5, and uses his own renderfarm for the render of final animations.

Steve Wilson said: "With 3D there are many elements to consider. The software is complex but the results are still down to the skill of the artist. The process is demanding on the PC system and the disk space used to create and render it to high definition. For complex work I have to carry out extensive back-ups of my animation assets and I rely on these being there when I need them at the next phase of development."

Animated about peace of mind

Steve ensures the ultimate safety of his renders with his G-SPEED eS drive.

"To lose 3D work would be a bit like a painter trying to do a painting twice - you're never going to get the same result. My reputation depends on not only my ability to develop highly effective animations, but also on always meeting tight deadlines. I've had a number of different drive backups over the years - my current G-SPEED eS is definitely the best yet." said Steve.

"In this job you have to be very flexible - one day you're creating an animation for the transport sector, the next an interactive adventure website for young children. At the end of a working day (which can sometimes be early morning!), it's great to sleep soundly knowing all my work and my livelihood is safely stored."

Steve Wilson has been a long time user of G-Technology G-SPEED eS drives and is proud of association with G-Technology.