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Scott Hillier is Founder and President of The European Independent Film Festival and is an Academy-award honoured filmmaker.

"G-Technology understands the real issues facing independent filmmakers."

Discovering fresh talent

Scott Hillier’s career includes a decade working for many international film and television companies (BBC, HBO and National Geographic) in some of the world’s most dangerous war zones. He was also Director of Photography on the Academy-Award winning documentary ‘Twin Towers,’ where he found himself at New York’s ‘ground zero’, camera in hand, during the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Scott founded The European Independent Film Festival in 2006 with the goal to bring attention to the often unacknowledged cinematic gems made by hundreds of talented, passionate independent filmmakers in Europe – and to help keep alive the creativeness and free spiritedness that is synonymous with this type of filmmaking.

Driving that creativity

Scott uses G-Technology external storage solutions in his ongoing filmmaking career and recommends this methodology to the independent filmmaking community.

Scott said: "What stands out about G-Technology is the fact that they actually understand the issues facing independent filmmakers. These filmmakers have amazing creativity and are continually pushing the boundaries of the medium, yet they are often forced to compromise due to high production costs."

"G-Technology has responded to this community’s needs by providing professional level storage solutions at affordable prices which help indie filmmakers to express their ideas, with less strain on their already limited budgets."

Describing his day-to-day set up, Scott said: "I use a G-DRIVE on location to download my rushes. I relied heavily on it recently throughout a 29-day shoot in a desert out in the middle of Dubai – an environment that presented remarkably difficult conditions. The G-DRIVE proved its durability, as I haven't lost a frame of footage - and in addition it is a great looking part of my kit! I edit and archive all of my films on G-RAIDS, which have moved between numerous edit suites across the world. I tend to use G-DRIVE mobile USB drives when I'm traveling – I’ve edited rough cuts together on planes and even in the back seat of a fast-moving crew car. The look on a client's face when I pull out this sleek little drive and show them their films after a travel day is worth a mint!"

Scott Hillier has been a long time user of G-Technology G-RAID drives and is proud of association with G-Technology.