Inspiring Feeds From G-Technology



Kipper (real name Mark Eldridge) is a Grammy winning musician, writer and producer. He has worked and performed with numerous successful artists including Gary Numan and Sting.

"Creative spontaneity is priceless. If you lose that moment, you can never get it back."

Mixing with the best

It's not everyday that Sting personally invites you to his recording studio in Italy to work on his album. The results of that first working relationship was the 1999 Grammy award-winning album Brand New Day, which sold 3 million copies on release. Since then Kipper has gone on to work with Sting to produce two more albums - All This Time (2001) and Sacred Love (2003) - and toured for two years with him, performing as part of his band.

"We have great chemistry in the studio; we take time, jam and have fun. Usually it would be me playing synth bass/Rhodes and Hammond/pads and Sting playing guitar and singing," said Kipper. "We would then sift through the sessions and collect tiny gems that would become the album."

Serious about music

"I work with Logic Pro and a ton of instrument plug-ins, plus my keyboard racks. To make something really good the only way you can do that is with time - you have to put in the hours. I love it though, it never feels like a chore," Kipper said.

"But the most serious thing we do in the studio is to back it all up. Sting's audio files are worth millions of pounds - I can't even consider the thought of losing such material."

"I heard a horror story recently about a sound engineer who lost a high profile artist's whole album. If that happens it's almost as if that hard work never happened and it can be impossible to replicate some recordings."

Keeping it safe

In the studio, Kipper uses Chronosync to continuously back up all his work in real time to his G-DRIVE, and safely stores further copies to his G-SAFE raid system.

"I think of myself as a kind of midwife to artists I work with. For me the hardware and software must be transparent, they are a means to an end - allowing me to flow freely with musical ideas. My G-Technology drives do a great job of keeping all my creative ideas safe so I don't have to worry about them not being there when I need them," said Kipper.

Kipper has been a long time user of G-Technology G-RAID drives and is proud of association with G-Technology.