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Candace Feit is a professional photojournalist. Her work spans news and documentary photography, focusing on humanitarian issues such as conflict and its aftermath.

"I risk a lot to document the impact of human conflict. But I won’t risk losing my photographs."

Fearless photography

Candace's photography has covered a range of topical issues - from the insurgent war against the Niger government to the diamond trade in Sierra Leone and the marginalised Berber community in Morocco.

Her work has appeared in many publications including the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, National Geographic Magazine, U.S. News and World Report and Time Magazine.

Driven to connect

Candace makes human connections in her work. She said: "I focus on what issues are affecting people. I look at their daily lives and try to present them in the most beautiful and effective way."

"Often you only realise the danger you've put yourself in afterwards. Of course there's always a concern you may be shot or kidnapped, but I make sure I always know how to get out of a situation and that I'm traveling with reliable people."

Reliable, robust storage

As well as ensuring her own safety, Candace has made securing her photographs a top priority. For the past two years she has used only the G-DRIVE mini on location to store all her images, having previously endured some bad experiences with other external drives breaking under the pressure.

"I bought my first G-DRIVE mini when planning for an African trip. I was looking for a drive that was able to cope with the high humidity and knocks from the rugged terrains I deal with. An assistant in the Apple Store in New York recommended G-Technology and I haven't looked back since. I now live in India so the drive is having to cope with the same extremes of humidity every day and has never failed to perform," said Candace.

"When I embark on my photography trips I'm driven by telling an engaging story and showing a connection to people or a place. Publications are paying me to get these images and they (and I) have high expectations. The thought of losing any of my images… it just cannot happen."

Candace Feit has been a long time user of G-Technology G-DRIVE mini drives and is proud of association with G-Technology.